Namibia Travel Shoot

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On assignment in Northern Namibia photographing alongside editor & friend extraordinaire Cameron Ewart-Smith... from Kaokoland and the Kunene River to Etosha, Caprivi Strip, Khaudum and the Waterberg Plateau. I was on assignment in Northern Namibia for 5 weeks photographing alongside editor & friend extraordinaire Cameron Ewart-Smith. Now busy working on photo-essays and feature travel stories on Kaokoland, Kunene River, Etosha, Caprivi Strip, Khaudum & the Waterberg Plateau. Along the way we met people from the Himba tribe as well as some of Namibia's famous wildlife - the Hoanib's desert elephants & elephants in the Caprivi Strip that munched on the leaves above my tent, as I listened to their stomachs rumble and smelt their vegie breath. There were several black mambas, a mozambiqan spitting cobra, mating rhinos, beautiful oryx, lazy lions, roaring waterfalls, baobabs & sand dunes you could drive down - but not up. Namibia is my favourite country in Africa.