LOOKbetween 2014

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LOOKbetween 2014 Celebrating the vision of photographers, igniting conversations about critical issues, fostering the next generation of artists. Charlottesville, Virginia.

In February I was nominated and selected to attend LOOKbetween 2014. This was a dream come true and the biggest accolade of my career in photography.

LOOK3 brought over 100 emerging photographers and photography professionals from around the world to a farm in Virginia.

From Bangladesh to Brazil, from California to New York… and from Northern Tanzania, Look3 invited people from twenty-three countries and across the USA to create the LOOKbetween global community. In the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we engaged in discussions, presentations, and collaborative projects. We camped, ate and drank together – shedding preconceived notions, embracing new ways of seeing, and igniting lasting friendships.

LOOKbetween is a weekend intensive for early career photographers—and the anchor event of LOOK3’s mentorship program. Taking place only once every four years, LOOKbetween is a forum for the critical engagement of ideas and craft, addressing the issues that photographers grapple with today. We participated in presentations, discussions, collaborative projects, collegial critique and more with many of today’s leading photographers and industry professionals.

Attendees are nominated by an international community of photography professionals and selected based on accomplishment, commitment, and vision.