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  • Sam is fantastic. 

    She is part camera, part nature.

    And passionately up for any challenge: be it documenting surfboards being chainsawed out of ice in a –30' freezer, dipping into waters riddled with sharks or Stand-up paddling 10km in open ocean 35knot winds. I have worked with Sam on a bunch of really interesting projects and found her to be a superb collaborator, organizer and photographer of the highest order. 

    I would not hesitate to recommend her for any project big or small and would love to work with her again in a heartbeat.

    Executive Creative Director - JWT Cape Town
  • It was a pleasure working with Sam, she remained professional throughout the assignment in often trying conditions. She took care of all her own equipment and logistical arrangements, and fitted seamlessly into the team. She was punctual both during the assignment and in delivering the edited pictures following it. The results were just what we were looking for and helped the development of our work. Her pictures illustrated our work wonderfully, and will no-doubt bring it to life.

    Greenpeace - Food for Life Campaign Manager
  • “Wow! We are very very happy with the work! We will have a difficult time choosing which photo for the display. AND we think that Global Health needs to have an exhibit of the work. Fantastic job Sam…” 

    Design Director - University of Minnesota Foundation
  • Its been a privilege working alongside Sam Owen on a recent story for Getaway magazine ( I have watched her charm poachers, face freezing conditions at sea and yet the camera keeps shooting. The images speak for themselves.

    Editor Getaway
  • 'Samantha documented our coral reef fieldwork with IUCN and CORDIO off the East African coast as we assessed the ecological resilience of reefs. She took some truly amazing and high quality photos of our work and the natural beauty of the seascape that we have used for many of our publications. She was a pleasure to work with, both underwater and above it!'

    Gabriel Grimsditch

    Programme Officer for oceans and climate change

    UNEP Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
  • On my photograph of spinner dolphins…

    “its a truly beautiful shot - crystal clear lines, yet dreamy and rippled, and intense colours ... and of course, the companionship of a couple, swimming through the ocean ... I love your photos, they are somehow emotional as well as having all that great photos have besides!!”

    CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research & Development)
  • "Sam is a joy to have as a member of any conservation team.  She is easy going and supportive, yet completely dedicated and able to deliver the most impressive photographs of animals and the threats they face, both above and below water."

    Rupert Ormond

    Corresponding Secretary, International Society for Reef Studies.

    Hon. Professor, Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

    Co-Director, Marine Conservation International.
  • “Sam is a photographer and she has been doing pro-bono shooting of our work. Sam is a really great photographer to work with as she is talented, she also has a “fresh” eye for the every-day things that happens at SANCCOB and she has managed to document many of the special moments here. It also is a pleasure to work with Sam as she is real conservationist, is very sensitive around the animals and the often-very-stressed people working with them!”

  • "Samantha I have known for only a few years, but what I do know is  that she is passionate about the natural world and doing something positive to save it , be it on land or below the seas and that passion comes out in her photography which you only need to see to believe"

    Senior Photographer for Independent Newspapers, South Africa
  • Sam $##$% ROCKS. We love Sam. She's kind and gorgeous (with a smart no-nonsense edge which is the best kind of gorgeous in our books), proactive, professional and humble, and she's also an amazing photographer and journalist driven by a calling to do something positive in the world. Sam has worked on the Wavescapes Surf Festival for a number of years, documenting our work and giving us strategic guidance on PR and conservation matters. Sam has a great work ethic and her passion is infectious (in a good way).

    Wavescape Director
  • I have worked with Cheryl Samantha Owen over the past few years, as the managing/commissioning editor of Sawubona, South African Airways in-flight magazine. Apart from well written, well researched articles on both land and marine conservation topics, Sam has also provided excellent travel features, particularly relating to countries in East Africa – Tanzania, Kenya - from where she originally hails.

    Sam is both an excellent writer and photographer. Her work is always fresh, incisive and interesting. She adheres to briefs and deadlines and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

    Uhuru Publishing
  • Sam has worked with me as a freelance photographer at the Cape Times. She is dedicated, has developed great technical skill, is original, artistic and enthusiastic. I have no hesitation in recommending her for feature editorial assignments, however arduous the assignment may be.

    Chief Photographer - Cape Times