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I would like to acknowledge and thank several people and organisations whose help and support were crucial in enabling me to create photographs, and in helping me to shape my thoughts and ideas into coherent philosophies and visual narratives.

Fellow photographers

Joel Sartore
Daniel Beltra
Thomas Peschak
Gary Knight
Eric Miller
Brenton Geach
Andrew Ingram


Thank you to Sophie Stafford (BBC Wildlife magazine) for assigning me my first commission, to Sarah Borchert (Africa Geographic) for publishing my first story, and to Cameron Ewart-Smith (Getaway magazine) for believing in me, brain storming to my heart’s content, and helping me to make lobsters and so much more happen.

Consulting scientists

Professor Phil Hockey, Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology

Dr Rupert Ormond, co-director marine conservation international

Dr George Branch

Dr Richard Sherley, Animal Demography Unit & Marine Research Institute,
Olivier Hamerlynck, wetland scientist

Seabird Conservation

SANCCOB (South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds)

Cuan Mcgeorge, dedicated warden and lifelong conservationist with Cape Nature

Ed Scott, Director of Aviva

Yves Chesselet and his Cape Nature team

Tana River Delta

A Rocha Kenya

Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust

Tamsin Corcoran Brennan, Delta Dunes Lodge


Fauna and Flora International

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